Seasonal storage

Seasonal storage in a warm hall for caravans, bikers, boats and other vehicles! Seats are filled in the order of arrival.

See also suitable premises (“workshops”) on our pages.


  • Motorcycles and mopeds 35€/month
  • Passenger cars 90€/month
  • Campervans, caravans and boats:
    • M-size Parking space 2,5m x 6m (15m2) 110€/month
    • L-size Parking space 3m x 7m (21m2) 130€/month
    • XL size Parking space 3m x 9m (27m2) 165€/month
    • Larger sizes, ask for a quote

Book your spot! Call 0407079125 or contact us using the form below! In the Message field, you can enter the details and dimensions of your vehicle.

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